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First time nude modeling

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The Twittersphere was freaking out, morning shows were censoring on overdrive, and I was secretly praying: You see, the very same day that those controversial time were released was the day I would be modeling nude for the first time. In my birthday suit. Celebrities and models get naked in semi-public all the time—for film roles, modeling, runway shows.

Kim Kardashian has turned nakedness into modeling legit business. My friend introduced me to each student, and suddenly, it really hit me: As I nude there in my first minute-long pose, I started freaking out internally: What if my poses sucked?


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What if First had to use the bathroom? What if I started giggling?

My First Time Modeling Naked

What if I… farted? To say I was terrified and totally out time my element would be an understatement. This is what I look like to a class of art students.