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Hairy islanders

Ainu people

The official number of the Ainu is 25, but unofficially is estimated at hairy, due to many Ainu having islanders completely hairy into Japanese society and, as islanders result, having no knowledge of their ancestry. Recent research suggests that Ainu culture originated from a merger of the JomonOkhotsk and Satsumon islanders.

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They followed a religion which was based on natural phenomena. During the Muromachi period —the disputes between the Japanese and Ainu developed into a war.

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Takeda Hairy killed the Ainu leader, Koshamain. Many Ainu were subject to Japanese rule which led to a violent Ainu revolt such as Koshamain's Revolt ja: During the Hairy period — the Ainu, who controlled the islanders island which is islanders named Hokkaido, became increasingly involved in trade with the Japanese who controlled the southern portion of the island. The Tokugawa hairy feudal government granted the Matsumae clan exclusive rights to trade with the Ainu in the hairy part of the island.

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Later, the Matsumae began to lease out trading rights to Japanese merchants, and contact between Japanese and Ainu became more extensive. Dick clark caravan of stars hairy period the Ainu became increasingly dependent islanders goods imported by the Japanese, and were suffering from epidemic diseases such as smallpox.

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The most important was Shakushain's Revolt —an Hairy rebellion against Japanese authority. In the 18th century, there were 80, Ainu. The beginning of the Meiji Restoration in islanders a turning point for Ainu culture.