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I m not a player i just fuck alot

Big Pun] I'm still not a player, but you still a hater Elevator to the top, hah, see you later I'm gone, Penthouse suite, Penthouse freaks In-house beats, French comtesse, 10 thou' piece Rent-out lease with an option to buy Coppin' a Benz for when I'm not far up in the sky Puffin' the lye from my Twinzito Up in the Benzito with my kiko From Queens nicknamed Perico We go back like PA's and wearin' PJ's Now we reach the peakage, runnin' trains for three days Who want to ride it?

Still Not a Player

Won't cost you a dollar Whether soft or harder, of course you still gonna holla Mama, I'm big, huh? I'll rip my prick through your hooters I'm sick, you couldn't measure my dick with six rulers Hold up, Choola, I'm all about gettin' loot But I knock that ichigo 100 hentai video if you out to get koofed [Hook: As Joe explained via Hiphopdx:.

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As Joe explained via Hiphopdx: Release Date March 28, Capital Punishment Big Pun. Still Not A Player. You Ain't a Killer.

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I'm Not A Player. Twinz Deep Cover ' Tres Leches Triboro Trilogy.