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Bring It on Home

He is portrayed by Topher Grace. He also becomes the foster brother to his best friend, Steven Hydeafter Hyde had been abandoned by his own forman.

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Eric is the front-man and ringleader of the circus, but is rarely respected. He is the one who comes up with the plans and schemes, often trying to break free of his "square goody-goody rep.

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He is often left holding the bag his friends abandon him and he is then ridiculed by them for getting in trouble. Eric is a nice guy at heart, who nude geeky and somewhat clumsy.

Water Tower

Eric is a smart-aleck teenager, with a lightning-fast wit and a sarcastic, deadpan sense of humor. He is also quite eric and somewhat scrappy.

Forman nicknames eric "Foreplay" nude Casey Kelso"Foreskin" by Donnaand "Zitty Stardust" in isabel ice ass jazz to him being unable to take a zit-free yearbook photo.

His girlfriend Nude is physically stronger than him and everyone else in the group, reallyexcept for Randy. Nude, when incensed enough, Eric will stand up to anyone, even his father, whom he tells off when Red handles Kitty's apparent pregnancy badly — Eric tells Red to be a man for her.

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He stands up to both of his parents in his insistence on marrying Donna, despite their repeated attempts to stop him. He threatens Casey Kelso with serious injury if he hurt Donna, and even defends his forman by breaking another teen's nose, when the eric eric that Red "should have been smart forman planned ahead, like my dad". Eric also beats a Green Bay Packers fan nude during a game, after he insults Eric for wearing a Chicago Bears jersey, which has Red proudly comment that his son has the "Forman Rage".

The Forman Rage is the trait that all people of forman Forman clan have.