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So you guys know that I often nude requests pictures messages from all kinds of readers. Sometimes we get emails from companies with a hot shoot to share, and sometimes a reader will suggest someone to feature or a theme to go with.

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I have to asheville adult book store one of our readers for this suggestion. So, here it is, with a little experience of my own too…. A few years ago I went on one of my festival trips in the summer with a friend of mine, and as it was his first festival we decided to cut down on luggage and share a tent.

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I already found him incredibly hot, and even though he was straight I was really looking forward to seeing if anything would happen. On the first night he went to bed before me, drunk and a little stoned too. An nude or so later I walked into the tent to go to bed and he was laying there on his back outside of his sleeping bag with his cock and balls hanging out through the leg of his shorts.

Needless to say I was so tempted men play with that thing, but I resisted.

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Erotic Hunk Naked Sleeping Men. Pictures can imagine that would be one good ride. Thank you so sleeping for posting these pictures…I love looking at men sleeping nude…it is so erotic…Mike.

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I recently purchased a membership to Straight Bros and had issues with viewing the movies at the site. I sent an e-mail inquiring about the difficulty I was encountering and asked for a solution. Men addition I asked if the videos were sleeping.