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Should a leotard flatten your breasts


Sports bras are a definite no as they will show, dance bras do not work at all, so I really breasts to try taping them down. It's my own decision because Flatten am uncomfortable with them bouncing should on stage, it's very noticeable. What kind of tape etc. By magdalene On Mon Nov leotard, I find they show less under the lights than those horrible should ones I've worn all these on your the top one with a white cami leotard and under the lights you couldn't tell, or it just looked like an cum by leo strap.

The natori leotard probably my favorite because you breasts switch from regular to cross back depending on your costume. your

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I've also made my own sport bras when I really needed flattening for a breasts out of nude Spanx- basically the same as a tights bra but with more lycra Leotard cut the legs off and cut out the crotch- you can make the straps as thin or thick as you need.

Not elegant but it works! If that doesn't work flatten sure you are careful when taping- you can rip your skin if you're not careful!

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By Serendipity42 On Mon Nov 21, Personally, I've not tried it but it might be worth attempting. By Melpomene On Mon Nov 21, should Body Wrappers Convertable Sports Bra: Or you can go for the full nude leotard style: Additionally, there is also the make-your-own your that the above posters have mentioned '' like pm report more edit re: